Subject: Groomers List Anonymous

How to tell if you need to join the ranks of the addicted at GROOMERS LIST ANONYMOUS!

If your spouse, the one who LOVES the computer, starts saying what a great boat anchor it would make, you need to join.

If you get up to visit the bathroom at night, and on your way back to bed, you stop to CHECK THE LIST, you need to join.

If the kids are hungry, the dogs have not been exercised, and you DON'T CARE because you are reading the list, you need to join.

If you turn down grooming a Kerry, even though because of the list YOU KNOW HOW TO DO ONE NOW, all because you need more time to check the list... you need to join.

Your house is on fire, you leave the kids, pets and family photos to fend for themselves because you are busy saving the computer... your link to THE LIST, you need to join.

You skip meals because the list is more apetizing, you need to join.

You compose E-Mail in your head, even during GOOD sex... you really need to join.

You've memorized the abbreviation list... time to join, NOW!

Your bill for monthly on line services begins to remind you an awful lot of those, "You can lease a brand new Lexus for only $?????" a month... join now...

You get up early, or stay up late, so you can spend more time doing what's really important... reading the list... join join join.

You know the real name of every groomer on the list, where they live and how long they have been grooming... ... join GLA!!!

If you've been practicing the fine art of logging on, making love to your spouse, and getting back to the keyboard before the screen saver kicks in... it's time to join!

Addicted? Can't get enough of sharing grooming stories? Call 1 800 GET A LIFE!

Humerously yours... Daryl (with some help from the FUNNY member of the family, husband, (achoo!) Chris.