The Flower Bar


I joined this list of my own free will and have remained of my own free will. Everyday, I turn on my computer and of my own free will, and collect my Emails.

Therefore, I resolve neither to complain about reading any of the Emails that I invited by being a member of an Email List, nor deleting them if they are of no interest or value to me.

Instead, for the improvement of the list, I will take it upon myself to attempt to generate interesting, relevant conversation for the benefit of all. I will generously share my knowledge in honest responses and ask my sincere questions when I have need of the benefit of another's experience, opinion and/or knowledge.

I swear allegiance to Joyce, our Mom and sister Cathy for their patience in seeing us through our trials and tribulations, acting as referees when necessary, encouraging us in our endeavors, gently correcting our mistakes and smiling fondly at us when we do something funny.

Monica Gardner-Moore

The Flower Bar