Groomer Strong: Your Dream Vacation in 10 Minutes a Day

  • What does health insurance, a new reliable car, your own home, or a dream vacation have in common?


    Many groomers, consider them only dreams. They seem completely unattainable. The reality is that they are easier to get than you may think.


    The first, and hardest part, is convincing yourself that you are worth it. You deserve those things. Grooming is hard work, you deserve to have something to show for it. You deserve to be able to do things for yourself and your family.


    The next step is deciding what you want and how much it will cost.


    The rest is easy and only takes minutes a day..


    Let's start with health insurance or a new car.  A monthly premium or payment is $300 per month or $3600 per year.


    If you groom 7 dogs a day, 6 days a week, that comes to 2100 dogs a year (figuring 2 weeks in the year for vacations and holidays).  A price increase of just $2 per dog will bring you an additional $4200 a year. 


    You haven't increased prices in several years?  Knock that increase up to $5 per dog and you have just increased your income by $10,500 a year. Hello Vacation! 


    Speaking of vacations. There are grooming seminars all over the country, all over the world.  In just about any given month, you can find a seminar or private class somewhere.  If you plan your vacations around those, a large majority of your trip will be tax deductible. BONUS!


    Of course, we all dread increasing prices. We don't want to have to justify it to our clients. We think we will lose business. The truth? Yes, you could lose a dog or two. It happens. With an additional $10,000 a year, you can afford to lose a couple of dogs. If you lost 2 regular 6 weeks clients, you would only lose about $1000 a year. That still leaves you $9000 ahead.


    How do we approach our clients about an increase? It's simple, make it benefit them. In the above figures, the extra income is a bit above the goal set. You must put that extra into the business. You can use it to update equipment, make repairs on the building, upgrade your products or expand your services.

    Coinciding your vacation with continuing education is a huge benefit to the client. Let's face it, a burned out groomer is not good for anyone. A groomer that does not have a reliable vehicle is not good for business. A groomer that can not afford to take care of their health will find it hard to give quality service to their clients.


    "In order to continue to provide you with the quality service you deserve, there will be a price increase of $5 per dog effective May 1, 2014"


    The most important part of this plan, and what may be even harder than convincing yourself that you are worth these things, is disciplining yourself to save that money. You MUST open a savings account. You MUST with every deposit, put that additional money into that account. If you have online banking it's just a few clicks to transfer from checking to savings. Take that 5 or 10  minutes a day and make that transfer.


    Remember, you are worth it.