You Are Never Too Old (Or Too Young) To Go Mobile

  • You Are Never Too Old (Or Too Young) To Go Mobile 


    If anyone had told me, way back when, that I would go to grooming school when I was fifty years old I would have told them, “You have lost your mind.” Before I bought a poodle in 2002, I did not know a thing about grooming. My definition of dog grooming was taking our mutts in the back yard and washing them with a hose. Our family had “junkyard” dogs when I was kid and, yes, we “groomed” them ourselves. I can describe them as brown, shorthaired, one ear stood up, the other flopped over, their long tails never stopped wagging. They were (very) distantly related to the German Shepard. We got them at a pet shop for $5.00. When I was a kid I loved them just as much as if they were purebred dogs that won first place at Westminster. Lolly and Dandy slept on my pillow at night and gave me lots of wet, slurpy kisses. They lived to a ripe, old age. They were my best friends.


    Many years later when my children were growing up, we added Jesse the standard poodle to our family. Suddenly, grooming became a regular part of our lives. One day, out of the blue, it dawned on me as I looked at my fluffy friend that this was something I would like to learn. I sat down at my computer and googled “dog grooming.” BAM! In a click my life changed forever. I turned in to a human sponge, soaking up every written word I read about grooming. I was fascinated with each and every topic. It did not matter if it was about shampoos and conditioners, brushes and combs, clippers and trimmers, grooming to breed standard, teddy bear faces or puppy trims, wet clipping to deshedding, I was hooked and I could not get enough. Grooming became the driving force in my life from that moment on. Every spare moment I had you would find me sitting at the computer, reading about grooming.



    Most of my friends and family were not so enthusiastic about my newfound passion. They found it hard to believe I could be interested in such a topic. When I began to research and look at grooming schools, it hit the fan. “Why would you want to wash a dirty dog?” “You are too old to go to grooming school.” “You already have a job.” “You want to go where????” “You want to do what???” These were many of the comments said to me. Not very encouraging, would you say?


    It all became clear the day I had lunch with my seventy-five year old mother at the Cheesecake Factory. I was itching to tell her about my interest in going to grooming school but not quite sure of the reaction I would get. I stared at her over my Chinese chicken salad and said, “ Mom, I want to tell you something.” She was all ears! I spilled my heart out to her and guess what she said? She replied, “You are never to old to learn something new.” My little heart sang. With her approval I began to see that this was something I could do. It wasn’t just a dream.


    The rest is history. I went to grooming school, bought a van, and went right into my mobile business and had a lot of success. Becoming a groomer created a lot of opportunities for me. Although I had never written a word, I wrote Go Mobile And Succeed and became a blogger. Even though I had a fear of public speaking, I went to Toastmasters International and conquered my fear. I went on to speak at every major grooming show and truly enjoyed doing it. I became more proficient in using a computer with the help of my dear son Tyler, even though it filled me with anxiety. I was inspired about the things I did every day as I jumped into my mobile van and drove off to see my furry friends.


    I can only tell you this. If I had listened to all my naysayers that told me grooming school was a bad idea where would I be today? I took a chance and followed my dreams. I did my homework and my research. I worked hard and I saved my money. I plotted and I planned. I threw myself into my grooming business with my heart and soul the day I picked up my van and somehow knew I would succeed. How did I know? The reason why I knew was because I loved it that much. Nothing was going to stop me. Plain and simple. I am not talking about money. I am talking about waking up everyday and looking forward to going to work; in feeling joyful about what you do everyday. I have a bottomless pit of enthusiasm for my profession. As soon as the front door opens and out rushes a messy ball of wiggling fur, ready to be bathed, trimmed and returned to the owner, smelling sweet with the face of an angel, I am in heaven!


    With the experiences I have had, I feel wise enough to share these words with you. You are never too old, or too young, and it is never too late to leave your comfort zone, to change your life, whatever that means to you. It could be learning how to groom kitties, getting involved in competition grooming, going from shop to mobile, buying pet safe products and dying your white standard poodle red and green for Christmas or orange and black for Halloween. You know the old saying… “The older you get, the faster time flies.” That is so true! Reach out and grab for the brass ring TODAY!




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  • Jackiek
    Jackiek I love your story! It is just like mine! I am almost 49 yrs young and just finished grooming school about a month ago. Dogs are my passion, I 've been doing rescue all of my life.
    I would really like to go mobile!!! How long did it take you to go mobile?
    September 17, 2013