Protecting Your Phone

  • Protecting Your Phone


    Can you remember life without your Smart Phone? I can’t. Those days have become a distant memory. Today our phones go everywhere; including our grooming shops, mobile vans and trailers. We all know what kind of an environment this is. It could make a Smart Phone cry!

    I purchased a hard plastic case when I bought my phone. That case lasted a week. It broke the first time I dropped it so I needed a replacement, fast. I wanted a case that was water and moisture resistant and could withstand a lot of abuse, including being dropped. The more protection the better and it had to be a good value. I’m thrifty!




    I happened to be chatting with my friend Mary Oquendo at Super Zoo this fall and the topic of phones came up. She proudly showed me her phone case made by Ballistic, purchased on eBay for $14.99 with free shipping. Now she was onto something. I got online as soon as I could and checked it out for myself. They were now available for $9.99 so I ordered two, one for the husband and one for me. They arrived promptly.

    Upon opening my new Ballistic Case I noticed one of the plastic protectors had a scratch on it. I quickly called the company to let them know. Without hesitation, they promptly sent me a new case, no questions asked. They did not ask me to return the damaged one. I was impressed.




    This phone case offers many levels of protection because it is a three part system that includes a holster with a swivel so you can wear it on your belt. There is a two-piece hard case with a plastic insert that covers your keypad. Also included is a thick rubber cover that is great protection, should the phone drop or be exposed to water. The only downside to the case is it does add thickness and weight.


    I’ve had my Ballistic phone case for six months and I love it. It looks as new as the day I got it. If you’re in the market for a new case for you phone, check out Ballistic. For the price and the quality, it can’t be beat.