Why Choose to Offer Massage?

  • Why choose massage?

    We live in a very hectic world, and we live here with our pets. These pets give us unconditional love, quiet understanding and completion- very often they give us solace and relief from the obstacles that living can make- how many quiet tears and whispered wishes have been given to the warm, velvety ear of a faithful dog?

    In turn we give them a part of ourselves that will never be given to another person- that part that can only be understood by the simple and clear soul of an animal. An animal gives love that knows no boundary of language or practical definition. In turn we also take on the responsibility to provide for their every need, even those that they cannot always clearly communicate to us.


    With this bustling life that we lead, we also know that more and more the medical and psychological fields are taking the lead in stepping back into the practices of Eastern medicine and more integrated naturalistic modalities of care. The same holds true for our animal counterparts. There is much discussion and much interest- and even discord of opinion- concerning more natural and encompassing care and treatment for animals. Whether these alternative care options are for a pet which is suffering or recovering- to restore and make them well again, or as an integral part of everyday life to maintain and benefit their emotional and physical selves. Or, as part of creating a compassionate bridge and close knit bond that offers support and comfort from the physical and emotional pain that can come with the of end of life. One could consider chiropractic care, acupuncture, herbal therapy, Reiki or massage modalities to be alternative medicine- but rather these things may also be a necessary adjunct to traditional or allopathic veterinary care. All of these modalities and so many more can contribute equally to the whole health and life quality of any pet.

    For any person who has suffered in some way and gained relief from their suffering through such other treatments- you first hand will understand that there is much that can be accomplished by utilizing this care for our pets. It is also common knowledge that animals are in touch more than any other with their physicality and are still unable at most times to clearly communicate their pain or ailments. Still, we all can learn to be in tune with our pets and educate ourselves on ways to communicate and deeply understand their nature and mannerisms. Touch and massage and understanding the sensitivity of a dog to both acts, can completely bridge the gaps that remain between how a pet feels or what they need, and their inability to verbally communicate that to you.

    As pet owners and service providers, we can all take part in delivering as whole and encompassing a care regimen and lifestyle for them as we can make for ourselves. What a great endeavor and satisfying accomplishment- to know that you as a caretaker, service provider to your clients, or as a pet owner, have always provided for, and were mindful of, the needs of the pets in your care.

    This is the purpose of this learning course; to give you the extended knowledge to help you broaden your horizons and to allow you to act upon your passion to learn more about alternative care for pets. To give you the tools to grown your ability and your career options.



    Pet massage can be one of the most gratifying and deeply eye opening facets of pet care that one can immerse themselves in. While certainly it is work to learn all of the very important information that is foundational and fundamental to working on the physical and mental canine form; when you have attained this knowledge and can begin to share that with a pet who suffers in some way, it feeds not just the mind to create that path for yourself, but it creates a ripple of care out into the world around you that is as unique to you as your own path in life.