Environmental Impact on Canine Physiology

  • In this day and age, we all know that any number of outside catalysts are causing the accelerated effects of aging upon our bodies. The passage of time aside, outside forces such as extended and unprotected sun exposure, poor oxygen quality, poor diet, not drinking enough fluids, being overweight, not getting enough exercise, inadequate sleep patterns, being exposed to toxins, and above all else, STRESS, can take years off of our longevity and cause many health issues along the way.
    Animals are just as prone to effects from such outside forces. In fact, they are more prone to such things because their bodies and their organs are not designed to last for the span of time that a human’s are. Dog’s and animals show accelerated disease symptoms for that reason as well. Issues such as allergies for example- which are also on the rise in dogs, are so prevalent due possibly to poor breeding practices, but more likely due to the lasting effects of being fed a poor diet, poor activity regimens- both physical and mental, and poor integrated care programs to help head problems off at the pass and break the cycles that eventually can lead to premature cancer or end of life.
    Poor diet and being overweight are two of the most common and coinciding problems for dogs. Broad spectrum autoimmune diseases are steadily on the rise as a close second. We know that we are what we eat, and diet also ripples out into every other aspect of a pet’s life. The same holds true for activity levels. Being in poor physical condition touches every other facet of a pet’s life- and not just physically but emotionally as well. An overweight pet is often experiencing some level of pain in their joints, they may not have good gastrointestinal health, or they may have hormone imbalance as well which can decrease their quality of life. A dog thrives on activity and mental stimulation. Many breeds of dogs experience serious behavior issues when not challenged with a job or having something to focus their level of intelligence on. A dog needs socialization and an array of environments to experience. They thrive on interaction and praise. They need a whole and well-rounded diet. And they need a strong support system to care for them in the event of medical need. Massage is a practice that bridges many of the gaps that can form in the day to day life of a family dog.