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    • September 12, 2013 6:33 PM CDT
    • That's right, no taxes are taken out being that you are an IC, not an employee--you are responsible for paying income tax on your wages.


      I myself just reconcile every thing at the end of the year, last year I didn't make enough for it to make much of an impact taxes, wise. I claimed all the warmers I bought, claiming them as "display" models, which they are when I take them to shows. It was pretty easy because all of your orders are stored in your workstation and at the end of the year, I just printed out all my personal order reciepts and entered everything into a ledger. It would be even easier if you did Quickbooks or something similar. Of course, you could also enter in each order into a ledger system as you go along but I am a procrastinator so it works better for me to do it at the end of the year. ;-)


      There is no EIN, it just goes under your SSN.


      I do use the Visa card method of wages. Like what you have in mind, I like keeping my "Scentsy money" separate from the rest of my income. And YES, you can use it to buy more Scentsy, or make purchases in the family store (Scentsy's bussiness supply store). I do that quite a lot, so it's kind of like getting my personal Scentsy for free. :-) I also use it to fund my LOTRO addiction, and other 'frivolous' purchases to 'spoil' myself. I don't really focus a lot on selling the stuff, but it's nice to have that occasional extra money to use for 'fun'. Though there are tons of consultants who take their Scentsy business as a serious business and aren't casual about it like I am and they make a TON of money--enough to live off of as their only job! I, personally like to keep it low key and just have fun with it. It's really a very flexible business.

    • September 11, 2013 6:58 AM CDT
    • Thank you so much for the info. That cleared up a lot of questions.


      One more to clarify: When you're paid monthly no taxes and deductions are taken out, right? Do you pay quarterly estimated taxes or do you just reconcile the taxes at the end of the year? I'd prefer not to get slammed with a tax bill at the end of the year. Do you have an EIN for the business or do you just do it under personal income against your Social Security number?


      Do you do the VISA card? If you use the card, can you make purchases of supplies off that card? Is so, I'd probably do it that way so all the profits and expenses from the business are under one paperwork heading.


      Thanks, I appreciate all the help.

    • September 10, 2013 9:29 AM CDT
    • I have been selling it for over a year now, and it's a great tie-in for people that have pets. I have a little display set up in my lobby with catalogs, samples, and other promotional information. I also indlude a little flyer in my new client gift bag.


      Getting paid and running the business is super easy. You are an independant contracter and as far as taxes go, at the end of the year corporate sends you your 1099 info and you just take that to your tax man. I have it set up as a separate business from my grooming (which it is) but it's no more difficult than printing a form out and handing it over to him to my tax guy with my other stuff.


      As far as getting paid you have a choice of having your commission loaded on a Visa card or direct deposited into a bank account. You are paid once a month.


      Outlay of costs all depends on YOU and how 'into' it you are. For me, I am signed up for Scent of the Month, which is a monthly fee, you don't have to but I like it, just personal preferrance. You can go very minimal, just ordering catalogs at the beginning of each season change (2 per year) and just use the stuff in your initial start up kit as demos. I really love the products and get excited about new stuff so I order a lot of demos to have on hand for my clients. Some reps order a ton of various bars to have "on hand" for cash sales, others (like me, who doesn't want to keep a huge 'inventory') just take orders as they come.


      If you are interested in signing up you can go to my website at:


      JLMK if you have any other questions. :-)

    • September 10, 2013 7:57 AM CDT
    • I think a few groomers here are also selling Scentsy. I've been thinking about it. I have one here in my shop and people love the way it smells. Might as well sell the darned things and make some extra $.


      I read through their terms and conditions. How do you have the business set up? Do you just run it through your current grooming corporations and do the taxes and income through that? Do you have it set up as a separate business with it's own set of peperwork? How do you get paid ? Do they send you a commission check and then you have to do all the paperwork?


      I don't want to add more work for myself if this isn't going to be worthwhile. Besides the initial fee for the starter kit, how much more is the financial outlay in reality?


      Thanks in advance for any info!