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    • June 28, 2015 9:41 PM CDT
    • BTW, He's a handsome guy.


    • June 28, 2015 9:39 PM CDT
    • #40s and 30s are tricky to use. They are usually reserved for show clips in poodles and surgical prep. I haven't done show grooms on any other breed, so don't know on those. Not all #40s are created equal either. I test mine, gently, on my own skin. If I draw it across my skin and it cuts, the blades are reserved for only under snap ons (which are a pain in the neck to use, whole other problem). I've never had a #30 cut my skin. If you don't want to go close all over on your cocker spaniel, I find that, especially with straight hair, a #7 on the body and a #4 leaves an easy to care for length and adds an appreciable thickness to the legs. Most cockers have sturdy legs that look fine the same length as the body if they are in shape. Gives them a sporty look.

    • June 19, 2015 10:40 PM CDT
    • i think you'll LOVE going shorter!  I have 1 client that requests a #7 in summer & longer in winter.  Sparky looks like a puppy (and I think she's maybe 10???) and leaves the shop frisky as all get out!  She looks good because she is fit & cockers don't have "piano spindle legs".  If you don't like will grow back!  Good for you grooming your own dog!!!  It's how I got started!

    • June 17, 2015 4:55 PM CDT
    • First let me say that I think it's great that you do your own grooming. It's the best way to really know your dogs and to be alerted of any health issues or abnormalties.


      The only cockers that I have shaved short and didn't like the outcome, were obese ones. They ended up looking like footstools on chicken legs.

      Most of them, in good weight and condition, look very very nice with a shorter haircut. They have a nice compact body that carries it well.



    • June 17, 2015 1:19 PM CDT
    • Hi.  First post after lurking for a long long time.   I'm a cocker owner and I do my own grooming.   I just got tired of the expense and hassle of scheduling appointments.   I'm well equiped - grooming table/arm, andis clippers, metro dryer etc.  For blades, I have a 3, 4, 7, 10, 30 and 40.  And I have combs but I've never been very successful in using them.  I'm not great - my dogs often look like a blind man got drunk and then did their haircuts.  :)   But it works for me so please be kind.


      I've always kept my dogs longish.   Right now, I'm toying with taking my b/t cocker down pretty short.  1/2 - 1in on the legs?

      His hair is pretty straight.  lays flat normally and does not matt easily.  The reason I'm considering going short is that I'd probably take him swimming more or walk him when its wet outside and I think he'd be more comfy in the heat. 


      This is the shortest I've ever had him

       photo 1005449202002.jpg

      Yes, I know he's a filthy mess in this pic - Sorry, we were camping.

    • February 13, 2015 4:05 PM CST
    • Oh my goodness! He's HUGE!!



    • February 13, 2015 3:52 PM CST
    • I did him for 35,  ha ha ha,, but I will sleep well, she was old, barely could walk, her car I did not think woudl get her home, and she was just so pleased and grateful.  


      whadda ya gonna do?  

    • February 13, 2015 3:50 PM CST
    • he's a bit big,,,, ya think?!?!

    • June 3, 2013 2:08 AM CDT
    • Clipping the top of spaniel ears came from wanting a very low ear set, the shaving is to give the illusion the ear is set very low

    • June 2, 2013 9:00 PM CDT
    • This is my fav kind of thread.  First when I started, I wanted to know so bad who came up with the Poodle Continental cut.  Cut to the skin in some areas and big fluffy in other areas ??  I asked my teacher as was told I did not need to know WHY the cut I just needed to know HOW to do the cut.  End of story.  So I leanred the cut.  YEARS later while reading, it turned out poodles were water dogs and when in the water to get the birds that were shot down.  If they had been left full coated, they would have drowned with all that hair.  The hunters started taking off what hair was not needed, but needed to keep the internal organs and the joints warm with the hair, thus the continental was born !~


      I think you will find the same type of explantation for all breeds.  Most breeds were in Europe for YEARS and were working dogs, so the clips where already set for a long time.  It would be fun to have the time to go back and research every bread and every clip, but would be a lot of time too.


      In Notes from the Grooming table - my Bible- there are the Sporting Group, the Hound Group, the Working Group, the Terrier group ( they 'went to ground')  The Hearding group, then the toy and non sporting grops.  AS you can see, our 'pets' of today all had jobs, and their grooms or clips where to make their job easier :)

    • June 2, 2013 8:55 PM CDT
    • Clover, to get the add picture option, clip on the Reply button instead of typing in the Quick Reply window.




    • June 2, 2013 8:54 PM CDT
    • Most all of your breed styles come from the original purpose of the dog breed.


      Originally spaniels, were bred for hunting, and didn't really have a whole lot of coat. They had a nice natural short backed pattern and a bit of fringe on the legs.  Somewhere along the lines, show breeders decided more hair was better and began breeding dogs with heavy coats. The current trim style tends to put them closer to their natural, or original coats.


      My guess on the clipped ears is to keep good airflow to the ear canal and to inhibit sticks and burrs from getting caught in the coat.



      The continental trim on the poodle has a working background too. They are water retrievers. All unnecessary coat was removed leaving only what was thought to be needed to protect important areas.  The feet are shaved so they can swim better. The poofs on the ankles and hips were to protect the joints, and the body coat to protect internal organs from the cold of the water.


      Now, if you look at very old pictures, you'll see that the pattern is much different and the remaining coat is often either corded or much shorter than you see in the show ring now.



    • June 2, 2013 8:53 PM CDT
    • http://lmgtfy dot com/

    • June 2, 2013 8:44 PM CDT
    • who came up with each sporting clip for the following breeds. the english springer spaniel, and the cocker spaniel? i mean the entire clip to shaving the ears and leaving legs full. i watched a vidoe on youtube a groomer cliping a cocker spaniel. says shave one third of ear so who was the groomer that started this clip and came up with what blade to use on the back. do any of you know

    • January 10, 2013 3:21 PM CST
    • Yep, bet that someday she'll let you "shape up" the head to match the rest, then she'll have a really cute dog.  Good job with those restrictions from the owner!

    • January 9, 2013 8:32 PM CST
    • Finally got the pics transfered!  The after....


      Tell me....

    • January 3, 2013 3:00 PM CST
    • I agree, I hate the "long clip" on a cocker, OMG we have one that has such thick hair, but over the years, they have agreed to try this and that shorter, and now he looks super nice.  Just took WAYYYY too many years.

    • January 2, 2013 3:49 PM CST
    • I'm glad she was happy! 


      I can't stand doing a mid length on a cocker coat. I prefer to do them either short all over, like with a 7 or in full coat only clipping or stripping the back, leaving full legs.


      My least favorite trim ever is the suburban where the legs are shortened up to an inch or so.  I charge LOTS extra to do that just because I find it so tedious to get a finish I am happy with them on.




    • January 2, 2013 3:35 PM CST
    • Correction. Not the 7, but t he 4. The 4 blade all over. It's been a long day.

    • January 2, 2013 3:32 PM CST
    • You were right about the soc, Barb. I quickly opted for the 7 blade all over, the 1 soc for the head, and scissoring the legs. Got to love those thinners! Mom was very happy!!! And I think she'll be calling again when it's time for Bobo's next groom.
      Pictures later....

    • January 1, 2013 5:48 PM CST
    • Thanks, Chilly. He goes home tomorrow, so I'm glad someone was on the board today! lol. Yeah, mom wants to keep the whiskers, but a bit shorter on those as well. She found out how much money she could save having me do it, so she thought she'd give me a shot.
      I'm guessing I'll go with the #1 comb and keep my thinners handy. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day....

    • January 1, 2013 5:47 PM CST
    • How long had it been since his last grooming? I think you might find it hard to get a smooth finish on a cocker back leaving it longer like with a snap on comb. My guess is you won't be happy with your results. To me, it looks like the dog was taken down fairly short about 3-4 months ago. You might want to clarify with her what she means by wanting some off but not naked. She could easily mean a 4 blade which would leave a tiny bit of coat but not slick like a 7.


      Cockers should have some coat on their heads. It's not supposed to be super long, but they should not be clipped short like the back.



    • January 1, 2013 4:26 PM CST
    • well I posted before I got done, so anyway, this is how he looks now,, he looked like a cleaned up tidy version of yours for many visits.  It took some time to get him to this point but they love it now.  I will tell you it is embarrassing to send them out the door the way mom wants!

    • January 1, 2013 4:25 PM CST
    • I have a cocker, Buffy, who is like this and his mom is like your dogs owner.

      I gradually shaped the catfish whiskers, sometimes when they say HEAD they mean FACE or they mean EARS, you never know so ask carefully.

      Those owners usually do not like cocker ears.  In the summer, she lets me do the dog shorter, but still the same look.  

      I just use a longer comb on the head to get the length and shape from that.

    • January 1, 2013 2:00 PM CST
    • One of our long-time clients @ the kennel has decided to let me groom her Cocker; a lovely boy named Bobo.  The pics are of him, and I checked the length of his coat with my SOCs, and he's about at an "A" on his back.  As you can see, his head is longer still.  That's the way his mom likes it.  Head longer than the rest.  She wants some off, but doesn't want him naked.  I'm thinking of starting with a #1 soc w/g and see how that looks.  But I'm not sure how to get the head longer, unless I just use another, larger comb straight back along the head.