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    • March 11, 2012 9:18 AM CDT
    • Just an update on my website issue...

      I redesigned the entire site into Office 365.  There are a few new things I can do with 365...I have added a slide show instead of a "flat" portfolion of pictures.  And added a maps and directions page with salon photo slide show.

      BUT...I am still having problems getting the technical issues fixed!  I had to contact the "seller" of my domain-Melbourne IT and have the domain changed from Office  Live to Mel IT..problem is that Office Live was the that took calls to Austrailia (800 number) and email to Office Live (you can only get tech support via email that take 24 hours to get a response then they ask you the same thing over and over) I finally get that done after days.  Then I have to conact 365 ( tech serv...but you may get an idiot that doesn't know crap and you know more than they do).  Another week of back and forth.  Finally my domain is "verified"...!! hooray!!...NOPE still having issues getting the website up and working.  Call 365 and idiot tech guy..after an hour and a half I ask for his supervisor because he has no idea what to do.  He gets a little huffy so I ask for a supr. again.  The supr doesn't know much either, can't find the same screen I am looking at... gives me another tech guy...luckily he does know what he is doing...has me change some of the code in Mel IT..The I have to call Mel IT again and get the hostname address changed to microsoft...another hour...This morning I find my email is not working, call IT again, so now I have to wait another 24 hrs to see if it works.  AAAHHHH!!! this has been going on since Feb 3rd!

    • February 6, 2012 7:17 AM CST
    • Hi everyone,

      Admin...I liked areas better than stations because it doesn't sound so technical.  To me..stations does not sound calming and easy going but, thanks for the suggestion.  I do have to change it to area...not areas.  My sister has GoDaddy for her domain, I think I looked at it once but, the fees were more than I wanted to spend.  I also have a site for my pet portrait/artwork business through Yahoo Sitebuilder.  I'm can't spend more on websites so I'm looking for free to really inexpensive, MS 365 will be $6 per month.

      Honey..I will look up WEBS, I made a site for my boyfriends dog on WIX..took a while to learn how it worked.

      Papsnpaints..I started the Solitary Service because I had so many people stating.."you do more than one dog at a time, my other groomer only did my dog blablabla".  The first week I started it I had two people book it. Both new clients, one will be a reg. the other will probably be a once a year.  None since but the option is there.  I did the Express because regs were coming in saying I need the dog by blank time, so I said OK thats Express $$.$$ extra because I have to bump other dogs times (not fair to those owners to make their dogs wait).

    • February 5, 2012 7:41 PM CST
    • The solitary service is interesting. Do you have requests for that? I do many express services but haven't had request for solitary services?

      I like your site, quite through. I'm not one to spot mispellings which is why I like people to check mine.


    • February 5, 2012 4:22 PM CST
    • On the home page

      "My grooming areas have an easy going, calm atmosphere."


      How about grooming stations instead of areas?


      I like the site. It's crisp and clean.




    • February 5, 2012 4:16 PM CST
    • Oh Beth that stinks!

      Most companies will transfer your website for you.

      My sister uses GoDaddy for a simple site. The tech support has been great for her.


      I use HostIcan for the GL. My plan is far more than the basic one so I'm not sure how they work for that.



    • February 5, 2012 4:02 PM CST
    • Liked the website, lots of info! I use a company called WEBS, it is free or you can pay for an upgrade. I have muiltipe pages, pictures and it was easy to use. Good Luck!

    • February 5, 2012 6:20 AM CST
    • This is my website that it took me hours and hours and hours to build.  I have it just the way I want it, can add new pages (new one under construction) ads, photos and I'm use to how the site builder works.  In January I received an email that Microsoft Small Business Live is being dropped and all the SBL customers have to change to MS 365.  This is going to be a paid service, SBL is free.  Now we are all having problems getting the FREE 6 month trial that we were promised.  I've been calling and emailing with my problem and no one is giving me any solutions.  I also found out that we have to transfer all of our files, domain and emails to 365 on our own..other than technical support.  Then I asked if the transfer was the actual website...NO!!!  only the files, we have to rebuild our entire site all over again!!! Hundreds of hours of work again!!!  We have to do this by April.

      Soooo can you have a look at my site, see any typos I have missed before I transfer my files?  I am considering changing to another hosting/builder...who do you use?