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    • January 28, 2013 11:15 AM CST
    • Wanted: Grooming DVDs

      Beginner groomer on a budget looking for grooming DVD's of all types! Please email if you have any your done studying!


      "Heads Compilation" DVD from Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs would be a big treat!


      and the book "Notes from the Grooming Table" Smile



    • January 30, 2013 5:33 PM CST
    • Wanted: Grooming DVDs

      Hi! I see no one has made a comment yet. The grooming dvd's are nice to watch cause you can learn a few things from them. What I discovered from the Sue and Jay dvd's is.....that isn't what our client's actually want. They are awesome groomers and groom dogs that need another grooming in 4-6 weeks. Thing is...most of your client's may not want that. They want pet trims and trims that require less grooming for them. Least I have found this in my area and  do have the video's and watch them just because it's dogs lol. I am nuts about dogs. I would maybe try Jody Murphy's dvd's..I have most of them also haha!!! They are cheaper then Sue and Jay's and teach well as long as your a visual learner. The best way to learn is hands on!!! Ask neighbors...friends...anyone who has a dog if you can practice on them. If there is plenty of coat..try your hand at some scissoring ..then go shorter..Just play around and experiment with your tools and the coat. Look at pictures and see if you can copy the trim. These are are of the things I did and it worked well for me. Just depends on what type of learner you are. I also shadowed groomers...maybe you can try that :)  That way you can get more of an idea and be able to ask questions too!!!

      Hope I helped some! And do get Notes From The Grooming Table!!! That is a must! Was for me anyway!

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