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    • January 15, 2014 3:11 PM CST
    • IC wanted for Philadelphia Suburb

        I am looking for an Independent Contractor for my salon located in the Keswick Village of Glenside, PA in Abington Township.  This is a true IC position, we can work out wether you'd prefer to pay a table rental fee (my preference) or a percentage of your sales. 

        I'm looking specifically for someone that would like to contract for Tuesdays and Thursdays (I am currently closed those days).  Any other days you want are obviously available.  I'd just really love to have someone here to keep the place open all throughout the week.

        As with any business, general liability insurance is required, and workers comp for an employees you wish to have.  You may not sub-contract employees.  You must provide your own tools and credit card processing (I use Square) and apply for your own sales tax/ business liscense.  I will require documentation.  I highly suggest your own phone number (google voice is great).  You may use my shampoos, towels, and/ or my 123 Pet/ computer to keep track of your sales (there is a feature for an IC on there) or provide your own.  If you choose to use mine it will result in a slightly increased fee to cover costs.

        My business is newly remodeled, been open a little over a year.  The salon is small but well appointed.  I have a custom made SS tub with well and recirculating bathing system, there is a manual hydraulic table, and I am awaiting the arrival of my new electric table. I am located on a major roadway, a few doors down from a red light, in an adorable "walking" neighborhood.  there is competition in the area, but my business has been steadily growing.  This is an ideal situation for someone who does great work, and wants to step out on thier own or try out being thier own boss.

        Interested parties please contact me at

        If you choose the table rental fee, the first month is free.


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