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    • February 3, 2012 6:46 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      A huge happy golden retriever. Nice dog with a nice owner, just very happy. She likes to "assist" me with my clippers with one of her big paws.


      Also had a few others, finishing up my day with a pom-poo I do on a regular schedule. She always seems matted, but I wet-brush her while soapy, and she gets a comb with a TON of scissoring. I tried to get some pics of her, and each time I snapped a pic, I'd see something else to fix.


      I hadn't finished up her face and yes, I did get that bit on her chest. She's so plush when she's finished being properly blown dry. The owner gives me specific written instructions.

    • February 3, 2012 6:49 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Oh her coat looks like a dream to work on!




      If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

    • February 3, 2012 6:53 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      I always save her for last, even if I'm tired.  I love to work the scissors in her coat. She's soooo crazy... in a happy way. I'll find the video I took of her running circles on the floor one day. I happened to look at vids of dogs I've taken at the shop... and 4 of the 5 videos are of her. LOL.


      Unfortunately, the coat is web-matted every time. If you saw her when she comes in, you'd swear it was a shave-down. But soapy wet brushing and it all comes right out. She sheds like crazy! And the shed hairs don't make it out of the coat.

    • February 3, 2012 11:21 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      I've had a few like that & with almost every one if you get that webbing out the coat is amazing :-)
      You stop learning you stop growing, stop growing you stagnate and die
    • February 4, 2012 2:45 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Today was the little worried bichon. No matter what's going on, he always has this expression like "Did I leave the stove on?" Today he was very overgrown and somewhat matted, but I got most of it brushed out and with a bit of creative trimming, hid the patches I had to clip out. The owners just moved, and normally he's in EVERY few weeks no matter what.


      Also, I had a English Field Spaniel "puppy" in today. I believe this is the second one I've seen in person. However, this one was black and white, not liver or black with only roaning. I suspect this one is a English cocker spaniel mixed with the Field spaniel.  It's got the body shape of a Field, but the black and white patched doesn't fit my knowledge. He was kennel aggressive, until I looped him with a leash. Then he was fine. I clipped a spaniel pattern on him with a #5, so it just neatened up the excess coat, without making him appear "clipped". The owner wanted his entire head and ears left, including a ridiculous 'crest' of thin hair on the top of his head... so I did. Except for the "I WILL EAT YOUR FACE" in the kennel run, he was well behaved. Dad uses him to hunt quail!


      The only other one for today was a boring, but very good, shih tzu who was shaved down with a #7.  And a ton of nail trims. Overall, a fairly boring routine day, not very busy, not super slow. Luckily, the weather outside is GORGEOUS and I enjoyed it on the commute home. Stopped and picked up dog food and crimped oats, so I've got a truck to unload now!

    • February 9, 2012 5:18 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      OMG. Today was what I like to term a "wheaten" day.


      I actually had a wheaten(along with it's insane schnauzer sister), and a fancy clip poodle(toy with pom poms), a bichon and two 'yorkies'.


      The poodle is an okay dog, just takes longer because they want pom poms, it has a limp thin coat and leans away every time you try to shave the tiny feet. The bichon was huge, overweight, cottony coat AND mom had been whacking chunks of hair off! Oh, but "Please leave her fluffy and nice!"  Well, if YOU hadn't cut her hair off, maybe I could! She did understand it might be shorter. Oh yes, by the way, she still had matts!


      Washed fat bichon and wet-brushed her, dried for about 15 hours since the thick cottony coat refused to dry completely. It's one of those dogs that you THINK is dry, then it turns and has a wet leg, then a wet front foot, then the neck, then that first leg again.. it's like a nightmare where the dogs grow the hair back! With some combs and scissoring and cursing, eventually it did get turned back into a bichon.


      The owner of the yorkies said "I want it fluffy but short. Clip it short but I don't want it short." No, seriously, she did. Eventually she said "Oh have Theresa do whatever, I trust her!"  Oh, and by the way again, she had whacked chunks off BOTH yorkies, and especially off the girl's face. You know the spots, down near the nose, so you can't hide it without shaving the face into a possum face. I did my best to make her look really nice, hide the missing hair, etc.  The owner loved how they both looked, then CALLED back to declare that her face was "uneven".  "Yes ma'am, where you cut chunks of hair out, I couldn't make it perfect without cutting it ALL OFF and then she'd look like a possum and I was afraid you wouldn't like it."  No no, she would apparently prefer it shorter and also, her feet... *trails off without continueing*.


      *eye twitches* "Yes ma'am, I'd be happy to fix anything you'd like. I can shorten the face more, if you can bring her back in today or tomorrow."  "Oh no, I can't do that."  *expectant pause*


      What??? What do you want???? Wait, I know! I'll wave my majic wand and make her face perfect FROM HERE!!! "Well, you just let me know when you can arrange to bring her in so I can shorten her face for you."


      The wheaten was a typical crazy wheaten, matted somewhat, but not enough to say "I can only shave it". The owner had taken the dogs to someone else(coupon? I think?) and whoever groomed it has no idea what to do with a wheaten OR the wheaten was even crazier than regular with her and this was the best she could do. At any rate, it was hard to figure out what was 'off' and what I should shorten/clip/scissor etc. Eventually, right at closing, I got done with it so it was once again a 'proper' pet wheaten clip. Or as close as I could come with the dog's coat and what coat was left for me to work with, and the cowlicks. Oh and Mr Wheaten decided that a HV is the Devil himself and will eat wheatens foolish enough to hold still.


      We got phone calls ALL DAY of "Can I bring my ginormous matted once a year golden retriever in tomorrow??" and the person who no showed the DAY BEFORE XMAS called to try to insist on tomorrow. When I told her it'd be next week at the earliest, she said "Well next week I'm out of town..." with the expectant pause where I'm supposed to fold like a wet towel and tell her she can indeed bring the dog in tomorrow.  "No problem ma'am, I'll put you on for the NEXT week, when you're back in town."


      *eye twitch* The person who brings in their dog at 10am... when everyone else MUST be in before 9am... wants it back in an hour without paying for express... I always take a MINIMUM of two hours... and calls for appointment the day before... they haven't succeeded in a while.... called wanting in tomorrow at 11am and could they get him at noon?


      No. *eye twitch* They got next week, 10am, no time out because it would take at least two hours depending on the other dogs that would arrive at the NORMAL time.


      Is it a full moon? I need chocolate. A lot of it. I had several stops to make at stores, since I couldn't do anything yesterday since the person who was supposed to pick up two hairless rats from me no-showed(no call, no email!) so I couldn't stopw ith live ratties in the truck. Once I made it home, one of my yorkies took three steps towards me then fell over in a seizure.


      Geez.  The seizures aren't severe or anything. It's just part of the wheaten day I guess. Is today over yet? Can it just be "done" now? I think I'm going to bed EARLY.

    • February 9, 2012 8:40 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Days like this are why wine was invented & scotch & vodka &....
      Early bedtime sounds about right, right after a nice bubble bath complete with extra large wine glass :-)
      You stop learning you stop growing, stop growing you stagnate and die
    • February 11, 2012 5:57 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Some days I wish I still drank.


      Today though wasn't so bad, except for Fluffy. It's a FULL COAT(to the floor!!!) lhasa apso(large) and he hates to stand up, and hates to have his hind legs brushed out or trimmed. Oh and he hates to have his front feet trimmed.  And his coat is thick and floor length. Did I mention... floor length?


      Uggggh.  I really hate grooming this dog. It's a wash it twice, then brush and brush and brush the Glow Coat detangler into the coat... then brush more... then dry and dry and brush some more and brush even more... trim around the feet, shell out the underside, brush some more... shake the cramps out of your hands and brush MORE... trim the sani and the face and brush some MORE... because it's FLOOR LENGTH HAIR!!!!


      Eventually run screaming from the shop.


      One day I'll get to shave him... or I'll snap, go mad, and shave him without permission. I live for that day.

    • February 14, 2012 1:44 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      ...I love reading your page... it makes MY days look golden ;) haha Gotta love those ginormous super matted long haied breed owners calling and expecting you to be able to get them in same day or next day. Like it JUST occured to them that their dog is matted. Must have JUST happened. Rolling around with the kids in the yard too much... *rolls eyes* heard it.


      If you see somebody without a smile, give them yours! ~Dolly Parton

    • February 16, 2012 4:32 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      And it's a doodle. A very hairy doodle. And the owner said "We want it to look like the mom, the golden retriever... NOT like the poodle."  And it was matted all over so it got shaved. I'm still amusing myself thinking of how i'd make this look like a golden retriever.


      I also shaved a awesome lab, and did a schnauzer.

    • February 16, 2012 6:42 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Why, someone please tell me why people who don't want a poodle get a poodle cross?! And people wonder why groomers are surly about doodles. *banging head on wall*
      You stop learning you stop growing, stop growing you stagnate and die
    • February 17, 2012 3:40 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Today was horrible. Don't read if you're squeamish.

      I had a few dogs, but also had this ancient poodle for a simple #5 kennel clip. Simple, except she's now super senile and doesn't want ANYthing done to her. She's got a bad eye(has for years) but...

      Her skull collapsed.  Just fronk!!! collapsed.  Not her brain pan, but over the orbit of the bad eye. With all the curls, I couldn't see it was wrong until I started to wash her. I ran my fingers over her head, rubbing soap in and squish... over the eye... it was horrible.  It's all just fallen in... so there's a huge crease there! She doesn't act like she's in pain, but I rinsed her off FAST and wrapped her in a towel and ran over to the vet(which the owner also uses) and he's all "You poked her eye out!"

      I'm about to die. He was joking.  It turns out that he/they know about this, she's just old and the eye degenerated to the point that the bone surrounding the eye also crumbled. I called the owner and explained and she assured me they know all about this... ummm HELLO??? Wouldn't it have occured to.. I don't know... EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE to mention this to ME??? Oh hey, my dog's skull is collapsed... thought you might like to know before you find out the hard way!

      Oh holy FSM but I'm still a bit freaked out. I can't take this stress. Who's got it in for me?? First Guido's tooth, then he nearly dies conking his head, then some other major stress and now THIS???

      I really don't do eye stuff. I can take just about everything, but eye stuff just.. no. And the vet was all "Oh, use a flea comb to get all these booogery bits off her eye socket..." HELL NO!!! Not touching it! Come get dog! I'm going back to bed and hide under the covers until life agrees to leave me alone!!!!

      And just to top it off, my 200 lbs of rat supplies arrived today, when I have the OES riding with me AND it's raining. Sigh.

    • February 17, 2012 6:11 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Thank you for sharing your days with us!  You are funny and self-deprecating and a delight to read.  Plus, in all seriousness your customer service (customer management?) techniques are great.  I am learning a lot!



    • February 17, 2012 7:53 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      OH MY! I could not imagine the horror of finding that!!!!

      Yes, someone should have mentioned it to you!!!!!!





      If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

    • February 17, 2012 10:36 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      Oh wow! I'm with you there, not happy with any gooey stuff. Don't care if it's eyes or whatever, it ain't happening with me.
      You stop learning you stop growing, stop growing you stagnate and die
    • March 8, 2012 3:08 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      I have a lot of rats....

      Today I groomed several dogs, but pretty much all small(maybe medium.... medium-large....). Some funny ones are the white schnauzer who is listed as a westie... despite him being a white schnuazer. The malt/york/poo owned by the New Yorkers who are terrified of him because he bites them if they do ANYthing he doesn't like, who wouldn't dream of biting me, and was matted(because they can't brush him) so I had to shave him down. This is a regular occurance, but they acknowledge he's matted and are happy with whatever I end up doing to him. One day I'm going to shave a mohawk onto his head and tell them straightfaced "Well, I'm sorry, but I had to do it that way today."  They'd probably love it and ask for it forever after... so I'd better not.

      I did a thin-coated yorkie who is built like a tiny beer keg(round with stubby legs), and they saw my Guido when they picked up, and of course I got to smile while they said things like "He looks JUST LIKE our baby!" Guido of course simply looked at them and trotted off.

      I think I groomed a total of 7 dogs, was finished and cleaning up the shop while the boss finished her standard poodle(fancy lamb clip with the thickest coat EVER) by about 1:30pm. I love getting home early, making myself a nice gooey grilled cheese and kicking back for a few minutes before I need to go mess with the pythons or rats or lizards or whatever else needs attention.

    • March 9, 2012 3:36 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      And today was the 27 lb cat who after scratching me for trying to remove some mats, punched me in the boob! Then the shepard mix I was shaving kicked me in the same boob. Then the wheaten PEED on me in the tub. All down my arm and all over my thigh. Jeans soaked.  After work, I found my truck windows were open some and it rained, so I also got a wet butt riding home. Sigh.

      Now I'm putting together a alfredo sauce lasagna. Start a betting pool about what degree burns it ends up giving me! LOL!!!!

    • March 9, 2012 4:47 PM CST
    • Wolf-hound

      I forgot to put the spinach into the alfredo mix... set the entire lasagna up, then had to dissassemble the lasagna to put the spinach in. Ever disassembled a lasagna? It's terribly fun.

      If by "fun" you mean, messy, slimy, spilly, greasy and frustrating.

      It's going to taste good though. And today wasn't all that bad... and my paycheck will be nice!

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