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    • July 18, 2014 10:10 AM CDT
    • restraint

      There's a picture going around of a cat being restrained for grooming. He has a full face muzzle, a slip lead around his neck and slip leads around both front feet. The leads on his feet are being used to pull the legs way out away from the body.

      This is obviously horrible.

      It also opens the conversation up for safe and humane restraints.

      What have you found works best for unhappy cats?


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    • July 18, 2014 12:57 PM CDT
    • restraint

      There is a school of thought in the cat grooming industry that says anything is acceptable, as long as it doesn't result in death or injury. I find that way of thinking abhorent as it completely ignores the psyche of the frightened feline.

      The cat may have arrived terrified & if so, the owner needs to be counseled on how to work with the cat to bring it in a calm state to the salon. If not possible, a house call groomer should be retained. If the cat becomes agitated & frightened upon arrival, or can't be calmed down once there, the grooming environment needs to be re-evaluated. There are many factors that come into play including, noises, smells, lighting, placement of carrier, location of grooming table, energy & handling methods of groomer & staff, medical issues, & more.

      It should be every groomer's first priority to work on building a friendly & trusting bond with the cats (or any animal being groomed). It may take more than one session for some but the result is beneficial to everyone involved. Restraints are counter-productive and delay the building of trust. It takes more work & time to get to this state but slapping restraints on a frightened cat is, IMO, inhumane. Personally, I don't use any form of restraint, including scruffing & muzzles. Respect & affection go a long way with cats.

      Groomers would benefit from reading up on the latest thinking in cat psychology & behavior and not rely on outdated thinking & methods, just because they or whoever taught them has been doing it that way for decades. How long a groomer has been grooming has no bearing on whether they're doing it humanely. 

    • January 14, 2015 11:11 PM CST
    • restraint

      I seldom restrain ANY animals.  Being mobile they have my undivided attention and I find that most are calmer, particularly cats, if they're NOT restrained.  I iwll use my hand to hold them down as I do a side or belly, but that's about it. I wish I'd had a video last night of the cat I did for the first time.  She was a FREAK.. everything spooked her.  When I started the bath she went bonzo and went up and out of the tub.. I let her.. caught her and brought her back.  Everything I did, spooked her but after a few moments of realizing she wasn't being hurt.. she calmed down.  By the end of the groom.. she was rubbing her opposing cheek against the blowdryer as I scratched the other side.  She was just sitting there.. necks stretched to get the best of both my hand and the dryer.  When we finished.. she curled up.. laid her head on my arm and just purred.  I'd love to have been able to show people that it's all about "respecting" them and allowing them to set their pace.


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