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    • January 29, 2015 2:36 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      So I was reading some people get dogs done in an hour.  I have no idea how. I have been at this 25 years, and only nicely combed out, regularly groomed dogs can be done in an hour. I can do those dogs in an hour, but I rarely get dogs in that condition.

      Are the groomers not doing any combing out of tangles in ears, and legs?  do they shave them short?  scissor to finish?  are they cleaning the ears and filing the nails?  are they doing dogs with knots that have not been grooming in 3 or 4 months? 

      I can't figure it out, I had 2 very matted dogs today, the legs were just a mess and the ears a tangled mess too. Even cutting the ears short, I still spent about 5 minutes on JUST getting the knots OUT of the ears, which then they still had to be dried, combed, scissored, styled, and the legs on each dog took about 20 minutes.  The dogs looked lovely when done, and the people were happy, but they still took some time to do.


      we had a lady who came for years go to another place in December. She said they only had her dog for an hour.  She was livid.  She was pulling at the dogs face and paws and going

      "look at this!  this is HORRIBLE!"  well the dog had long hair between it's toes and hair along it's gum line, as we groomed it we found that it had not been done under the ears AT ALL, they had not lifted the ears and tidied the face and underside of the ears, the tail was just combed all to the end of the bone and cut off, not held up and combed down and scissored, all kinds of hair going in the dogs mouth too. they had not pulled the ear hair or filed the nails.  

      Sad thing is she paid the same there as she does here.  This client came back, but I figure other people do not even know that grooming  can be better than what kind of job they do in an hour at the other place.

      thoughts?  I find it frustrating that we work SOO HARD and spend SOO MUCH TIME getting the same pay, they are making a TON of money there with their shoddy work.    are people who groom in an hour all leaving stuff undone? 



    • January 29, 2015 4:50 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      I can do most small dogs in about an hour. No, I'm not leaving anything undone. :)

      I don't know if I am fast, I would say that I am efficient.

      I try to let my equipment do much of the work.  The HV dyer will push a LOT of the matting away from the skin allowing me to leave a longer length than if I did any pre bath or pre drying dematting.

      I also won't spend a huge amount of time dematting. If they want the dog super long and fluffy, they need to come in more often or brush at home. That doesn't mean I shave every dog that is tangled, but I'm not hand scissoring to an inch of fluff on a dog that came in with tangles throughout all 4 legs.





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    • January 29, 2015 6:07 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      Chilly, I'm with you - I can only get a dog done in an hour if it's in very good condition. It also helps if they're very well-behaved. I also wonder if those one-hour grooms include check-in and check-out (collecting the money). I do enjoy the few minutes I spend chatting with my customers, and I don't like to rush them. For me, it not only depends on the condition of the dog, but the breed. I can generally do a bichon-poodle mix in an hour because I don't have to go over everything with thinners after scissoring. I can also do some poodle-terrier mixes in an hour because of the texture of their hair. But a typical shihtzu, maltese or toy poodle takes me at least 75 minutes, and if they're somewhat matted or ill-behaved, then closer to 90 minutes. And if they want extras like dremmeling, anal glands, teeth-brushing, or ear-plucking, I can still get them done in 90 minutes, but I always feel a little more rushed. I can do a long-haired chihuahua in 45 minutes, but that's the only breed I can do that fast.

      When I read articles in "Groomer to Groomer" magazine and I see all the pictures of dogs getting color with stencils and all kinds of lovely designs, I wonder when the heck these groomers have time to do all that fancy stuff and still make a living.


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    • January 29, 2015 6:59 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      YES Amy, I see the before and after in Groomer to Groomer and laugh, because I never get a dog in that looks like the BEFORE picture, they are WAY more in need that that.

      I believe I am on the same time frame as you, with the breeds you listed and times, I really feel much better after reading your post.

      Barb, I can not get the HV to demat for me unless the dog is a shedding bred.  These sandwich ears, where the top is smooth and the inside is a carpet of matting against the skin take me a while to get out.  Not to mention, like Amy said, behavior is a factor, especially on dogs with knots and mats.

      My own toy poodles, I can do BOTH of them in stylish, fancy hair cuts, in an hour and 15 minutes, or 45 minutes a piece, if I do them one at a time.

      They are well behaved, relaxed and even when over due for grooming, they sure aren't matted,,  sigh.  I need better clients!  


      45 minutes with my dog


    • January 29, 2015 8:38 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      You are right for sure, the dog's behavior makes a huge difference.

      If the dog's ear is matted at the tip or just at the skin, and there's plenty of hair to cover it well, I'll spot shave it. I wouldn't do it if you could really see it as it would look silly. Most of them though, if I'm imagining the matting you are talking about, can be clipped out and covered pretty easily.




      If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

    • January 29, 2015 8:40 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      Chilly, your dog is beautiful!




      If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

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    • January 31, 2015 10:28 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      Oh, Chilly, I want your poodle!!!  I do have a tip about hv & matting:  soak em in conditioner first!  had a shih tzu yesterday, hadn't been in since MAY!!!  Used to be a 4-wk dog, but since they had a baby I've chopped off her adorable up-do top knot, and clipped an imbedded dew claw, and she comes in very infrequently :( poor girl! Anyways, I said she didn't have any mats...of course she did...told her legs would be short.  Bathed her & soaked her in Sally's Cure Care (human conditioner recommended by BBird years ago), hv'd her with the condensing cone.  I could not believe it, but the mats were pushed far enough from the skin for me to use the blue/10mm ss comb.  Her legs looked so good.  Cure Care is my secret weapon & only costs $5.  I think it's the only human product that BBird recommends.

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    • January 31, 2015 11:23 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      There is one other human product that BBird recommends. It's Proclaim Glosser. She likes to use it as a detangler. The funny thing about that is that I got some after she recommended it, but I ended up just using it on my own hair instead, ha! That was years ago and I've continued to use it on my hair ever since.

    • February 2, 2015 2:50 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      I am thinking of using Cowboy Magic as I have heard it is really good.  I use it on the horses and it is for dogs too.  What I like about it is that it is easy to control, you aren't spraying the entire dog and can put it directly on the mat...

      thanks for the tips.  trying to get the assistant girl to quit getting them so dry, so we can fluff them at the end of the drying time.  that makes a huge difference too in grooming speed as the coat is so much nicer.

      thanks for the compliments on my little girl, but you dont' want her, she went stone blind at 7.  second one I have had that did that, and 2 different reasons.  Sadly I will never have another poodle due to the eye problems I have encountered with them,, I'll only have stray dogs now, or unwanted dogs. They all are so costly anyway, but I see SO many poodles with eye problems.  :(  I feel so sorry for her , i can't really enjoy her. 

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    • February 2, 2015 4:22 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      Tuckie, I think I did try it once or twice, but didn't find it was any better than any other detangler, and I usually have Ice on Ice on hand.

      Chilly, Cowboy Magic does work really well, but I found you have to either use it very sparingly, or re-wash the area that you used it on to get the product out. I don't know what your experience is with using it on horses, but I found it's very heavy and doesn't comb out. So, for instance, if you use a lot of it to detangle a very matted tail, you'll find the tail will just remat again immediately.

      I've never heard that poodles have eye problems. That's interesting to know. My poodle is 13 years old, and she's going deaf, but her eyes seem fine. I guess I got lucky!

    • February 2, 2015 4:45 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      I have two 12yr old stpoo's...the one I've had since pup was well-bred, raw diet & lots of exercise his whole life, great eyes & ears still.  We inherited Lilly 1.5yrs ago when our friend, her owner, passed away.  She had a terrible diet (11 ext's when we had her teeth cleaned) & zero walks/outtings, not fabulous eyesight & her hearing has been fading fast the last month :(

      Of all the smaller poo's I groom I can't think of any with eye problems.

      I'm constantly switching between detanglers, mainly based on whim:  best shot, ice on ice, the stuff.

    • February 2, 2015 6:19 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      I guess I just got unlucky with my poodles then,both were brown, wonder if that makes adifference?  have had 2 more that come that are brown that also went blind under age 10.  

      I LOVE poodles, and like the toys, they are so portable!

    • February 2, 2015 8:56 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      I'm so sorry your girl isn't coping well with the blindness.

      I have fostered 3 blind dogs and all got around fabulously.

      I own a blind Chihuahua currently. She had one eye removed last year and the remaining eye has no vision. You would never be able to tell if you didn't know. In fact I've had people try to convince me that she really can see.  She can go up and down steps. She knows her way around the house as well as my sighted dogs. She chases the cats, plays with the other dogs, (when she's in the mood, she can be grouchy) and rarely bumps into anything. If there's something new or moved, she may bump it once or twice, but then she remembers where it is and goes around it.

      We recently visited her very favorite person in their new house. She went through there like she'd been there a million times before.




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    • February 3, 2015 7:46 AM CST
    • the one hour groom

      oh Barb, that would be so much better. My dog just makes me want to cry all the time.  She loves being carried and does OK in the house, but she doesn't play anymore,, all I know for sure is she would NOT want to be dead because she loves me, but the last one I had was like yours, she dealt very well and played and ran all over.  I left her ears really full so she'd tap things with them first, but that scares this one to death when she taps something.

      On my clients I try to leave the muzzle whiskers on blind dogs,,,you know, the whiskers,not necessarily the fur.

    • January 15, 2016 6:40 PM CST
    • the one hour groom

      I can usually do a small dog in an hour even when matted.  I tell the clients, if it's badly matted I can only cut as long as the matt allows me with the blade. Using the HV drier often will allow one step longer with a blade and that makes for a fairly fast job. Even flightly dogs that I have to chase around the table, I can generally get done in the hour time slot. The groomings include very detailed feet trims between pads and toes, scissoring on the head to shape and plucking ears.  Nothing left undone.

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