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  • Topic: Geib shears SNAPPED--company refuses to replace!

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    • June 16, 2015 10:35 PM CDT
    • Geib shears SNAPPED--company refuses to replace!

      I posted this all over Facebook, and am now posting it here:


      Attention: Important notice for ALL groomers and those who work in the grooming industry--

      Recently I had my prized Geib Katana chunkers fall apart in my hand while putting the finishing touches on a doodle top knot!!! These shears were only a few years old, I purchased them brand new at Atlanta Pet Fair right from the Geib booth. Obviously, being chunkers, they were a light-duty shear, only used for finishing work on clean dogs of the appropriate coat type. They had *just* started to get a slight 'catch' towards the center of the shear so I was about to send them off for sharpening, and then THIS happened!

      I have had many pairs of Geib shears in the past (still own several) and never had an issue with quality before. Upon inspection of the shear after it broke, I discovered an imperfection within the shear's metal itself. It is a dark spot that runs right through where the shear broke at. Because I never have had issues with Geib in the past, and because of their "lifetime warranty" (I included a picture of the warranty they give with each shear purchase, as well as how it is listed on their website) I had no problems sending the shears in for replacement. I understand that mistakes happen, sometimes even Toyota can make a 'lemon'. I had expected them to see what had happened with the shears, and as their warranty states, "cheerfully" replace them. These are expensive shears at the $300 price point, which I don't mind paying IF the company backs their product.

      So imagine my surprise when I talked to Mr. Geib himself, who told me that it looked like a sharpener had hit my shears with a hammer, causing it to break! And that the warranty is void if you don't send them into Geib to be sharpened so he was not going to replace these shears for me. I informed him that these shears had NEVER been sharpened, or dropped, and that I suspected the cause of the problem to have something to do with the imperfection in the metal. At which point he said "Hmm. Well, I am going to have to put these under a scope to inspect them." I told him I would wait for his call.

      Today, after two weeks of waiting for him, I called the company myself. A representative told me that the shears had in fact been sharpened elsewhere and that the warranty was void and they were not going to replace them. I told him that if they had been sharpened it was by THEM prior to my purchase. He told me that was impossible as they do not accept returns and do not sell used merchandise. He offered to send me a picture of the edge their factory puts on the shear next to an alleged picture of my alleged sharpened shear. I in turn offered to send him pictures detailing the imperfection in their product that I suspected was the actual problem. I asked him to please explain to me what that imperfection at the break was and why that would not have been the problem. He told me it didn't matter because in any case my warranty was 'void' because the shears were sharpened by someone other than them. I never got an explanation as to what *they* thought the imperfection was.

      This company is a dishonest company! DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!! If you try to put a claim against their *supposed* warranty you will be told YOU are in error, even though you know you are not! I did let them know that I would be posting this on social media for all their potential customers to see. These shears are WAY too expensive to invest in with a company that will not honestly warranty them. had they been $50, $100, heck even $150 shears, I would not be bothered so much because I figure you get what you pay for. But at this price point, I expect quality, and further, I expect a company to stand behind it's name and products and honor what they tell their customers at time of purchase.

      This is the LAST time I will EVER purchase any Geib products or have anything to do with Geib.

      I ask that all groomers share this post on their newsfeed and in any groomers forums you are a member of to warn other groomers so this doesn't happen to them!

      Thanks for listening to my rant.


    • June 11, 2016 3:25 AM CDT
    • Geib shears SNAPPED--company refuses to replace!

      Hi....I'm sorry you had to deal with this....I am in need of new shears myself and have no clue what brand or price I should try. I don't mean to hijack, but this is the most current thread. I Def won't be getting geib...thanks for heads up.
    • June 11, 2016 7:16 AM CDT
    • Geib shears SNAPPED--company refuses to replace!

      I like going to the grooming shows to try out shears. What area do you live in? There are shows all over the place. Often they offer free admission to the trade show portions.


      Myself, I really like th Aussie Dog shears.  I was very very hesitant at first. At the shows they run a 3 piece special for around $120. I had heard so many good things about them, that I decided to try some out. The cost was low enough for me to take the risk. I have really been pleased with them. They have many different styles. They hold an edge for a very long time.


      I have also heard great things about Kenchi but have not tried them out.






      If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

    • February 15, 2017 1:07 PM CST
    • Geib shears SNAPPED--company refuses to replace!

      This is so obvious that it is a manufactural defect! Shame on Geib for not replacing , I am looking at buying new shears now and wont buy a Geib after seeing this , I have used Geib for many years but the last 2 pairs of 8.5 curves I purchased were not sharp all the way down to the tip and both felt off balance , seems their quality has gone down!

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