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    • October 12, 2015 2:09 AM CDT
    • neat legs on short clips

      Hi all,

      This is my first post so sorry if I do something wrong. 

      I am a new groomer and am having trouble getting neat legs on short clipdowns (eg 7F,5F).  The curly coats are fine but the straight/drop and spaniely type coats are giving me trouble.  The coat lays so flat it is hard to get it to feed into the blade, so I didn't think that would change if I used a snap on comb at such a short length. I thought about going in reverse with a bigger blade but I thought it may be a bit unsafe doing this on the legs with the tendon, skin flaps and dewclaws.  It just ends up looking like some bits (that poke out) are short and other bits aren't cut at all leaving it choppy.  I am a bit nervous using my scissors to tidy so so close to the skin.  There is not much scope to erase the messiness with thinners as the hair is so short.

      I live in a hot climate near the sea where the dogs swim a lot. It is also a very bad area of Australia for deadly paralysis ticks, so unfortunately for me most people want their dogs shaved down this short.  Thats why I want to do these shave downs as nicely as possible to try and stand out from the other groomers here. 

      Oh and while I'm on the topic, how do I tackle the cowlick on the back of the front legs without making it look messy or skinned.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated


    • October 12, 2015 1:23 PM CDT
    • neat legs on short clips

      Welcome to the GL. :)

      You can try brushing the coat up, clipping, brushing up, clipping until its smoother.

      I usually just clip against the lay of the coat when its not clipping smoothly. I clean up around the dew claws and pads with scissors.


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    • October 26, 2015 3:31 AM CDT
    • neat legs on short clips

      Hi, just wanted to let you both know that I tried clipping in reverse and the hv and it helped a lot - thanks!!

      Oh and Barb, I tried the bowser blaster that you recommended in another thread and it was awesome!  Took me a while to find the bits as we don't have any of those brands here but WOW!  I have to admit I didn't really think it would work, but I didn't want to fork out on a hydrosurge and be forced to use different shampoos, and I didn't want to make a home made hydrobath as it wouldn't be covered by my insurance.  I did still do a quick hand scrub, but I could tell that the coat was squeaky clean, and in much less time.  Thanks again :-)

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