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  • Topic: Groomer wanted Texas (Mansfield/Arlington) area

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    • April 12, 2016 3:14 PM CDT
    • Groomer wanted Texas (Mansfield/Arlington) area

      Smoochable Pooch Mobile Pet Salon is looking for experienced dog groomers for full and part time positions. Minimum 2-3 years experience is required. Previous mobile grooming experience is a plus but not required for this position. We are located in Mansfield Texas and service all of Mansfield, South Arlington, Midlothian, and South Grand Prairie. Earn more while grooming less dogs than a shop.

      We groom all dog breeds and the more varied your experience is, the more opportunity for increased income. You need to have good listening, communication, and customer service skills. These skills are required in order to maintain Smoochable Pooch's excellent reputation.

      We are open seven days a week and take appointments at early at 8am and as late as 4pm but will work with you to maximize your time while helping you keep a good work/life balance. We offer 50% commission on all dogs and cats regardless if it is just a bath/brush or a full groom. Applicant must have their own grooming equipment such as clippers, shears, combs, brushes, etc. Applicants must also have a clean driving record. We are family owned and worker friendly! 

      If interested, please call John Scott at (682) 551-2476 or email your Resume to

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