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    • September 15, 2016 2:22 PM CDT
    • Cat dryer

      goe do you dry a cat? I was thinking of placing one in a kennel cage and placing a dryer hose into it. I am nervous about doing this and need your advise on this. I don't want a dryer with heat and I can't afford much. What do you use? How would you suggest drying a cat safely for both of us?
    • September 15, 2016 9:16 PM CDT
    • Cat dryer

      I don't do a lot of cats, so others may have better ideas. A lot depends on the cat. I have used a high velocity dryer on some. On others I've used a stand dryer. Still others I have cage dried. If you cage dry, as you've mentioned, you want something without heat. Do always watch and check on them though because the heat from the motor can warm up the blower air quite a bit, so even without a heating element, they can get warm. 


      I also suggest a grate in the kennel so air can circulate up underneath the cat to help dry the underside. If this is a shaved cat, they usually dry really quickly with just a good toweling off and some towels in the kennel to absorb moisture.




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    • September 22, 2016 4:27 PM CDT
    • Cat dryer

      I use my regular stand dryer set on low in front of a crate, I have an absorber inside which really helps to dry their bellies (if you need to know what an absorber  there is a thread about it, they are amazing).  When they are almost dry  I bring them out and finish them with a brush and the dryer.  If they are shaved it does not take long.  Not had much luck with a high velocity dryer, it usually freaks them out.  Good luck

    • September 23, 2016 10:54 AM CDT
    • Cat dryer

      After I wrote the following, later in the day, I was doing a cat totally different from what I said above!  I forgot about this one, she is a persian, in good shape and wants it left quite long so I clip her with the A comb - lilac colour with my taxi vac.  To dry her I just sit on my large grooming table, an aborber and the cat in my lap (Groomer Has It would not like this!) I then brush dry her with my stand dryer,  she is very good and it takes me about 20 minutes to dry her all she is then all brushed out too. 

      Just a note to Loving, I charge enough for my cats, I do them alone in the shop, either before my dogs come in for the day or after.  Not the most profitable way I know, but kinder on the cats - they are stressed enough being crated, riding in a car bathed and groomed without asking them to be in with dogs too jmho.   Also, first thing I do is clip their nails!   Front nails only if they go outside, this makes it possible to still climb a tree if a dog tries to get them.  It also makes sure they cant scratch and hook you.  I use the plastic cone thing from the vet if they want to bite (thanks Barb!).   Put the water on low and do not let it collect it the bottom of the bath when bathing them, and I only use products that say safe for cats.  And of course all doors closed - locked if there is a possiblitly of someone walking in the shop early.  Good luck with your cat!  Pat

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