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    • March 10, 2012 9:37 AM CST
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      Posting Guidelines

      You must be registered and signed in to post in the Forums. Non sponsor website links are not allowed. If a site sells anything, dog related or not, and they are not a paid advertiser, the link is prohibited and will be removed. If you sell something, do not reference it in your profile or give any contact information about it in your profile, private messages or forum posts.  Members found giving information or trying to sell their products in private messages or on member profile pages may be banned.

      For a complete list of posting guidelines and Terms of Service please see





      Your Profile

      Click on My Profile in the top menu. Click on Info to see what others see.  The Edit Profile link is under your picture. By default, your name is hidden. If you want your name visible, you’ll need to add it to the About Me field. Click on the Edit My Photo tab to add or change your photo.  The Profile Style option is disabled.

      The Settings tab in the top menu has your privacy options,  some of the notification options, and password changes.

      In the Privacy tab you can choose whether you want listed in the Members list, who can post on your profile and who can view your profile.


      Email Notifications Of New Posts

      You can choose to receive email notifications of new  Topics. Click on the Forums link. Click on the Forum you want to follow. You can choose the Forum Topic and every sub Forum – Breed Styles and all the subtopics below  - Poodles, Terriers, Spaniels, etc  or you can go to the individual subtopics and only watch those.

      When you choose to Watch a Topic or Sub Topic, all posts to those areas will be emailed to you. To stop receiving those email s you will have to go back to that Topic or Sub Topic and choose to Stop Watching them.

      When you post or reply to a topic, you may also choose to receive notifications of new posts to that topic.






      Posting Pictures

      If you want to post a picture in a Reply to a post, choose the Reply button above the Quick Reply window.  It gives you the Attach Photo option.


      Member Home Page

      The Member Home page has a lot of information for the user.  Under the Announcements is a listing of all new posts to the forum.   On the right side will be any pending Friend Requests, Forum Stats, and upcoming Events.






      If you want to include part of a post in your reply, click on the Quote This at the top right of the post.  Edit it so that only what you are referring to is left.  Hit your enter key so your curser is somewhere below the quoted section, then click on the “ at the top right of the quote screen.

      That should move your curser to the left rather than directly below the quote.  When you type your reply and post it, it should show up separate from the white quote box.


      If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

    Icon Legend and Forum Rights

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