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    • July 15, 2012 6:14 PM CDT
    • I love my dogs

      I just have to say, I love my dogs. 


      I had 2 Standard Poodles stay with me for a few days.  The original plan was to only watch the puppy, but then she asked if I could watch her other as well. I knew the puppy would be just fine.


      I thought it might be a bit crazy, but definitely doable. The worst that would happen would be having to play musical dogs in kennels through out their stay.


      The first day I didn't have the two adult boys out together. One would be crated in the living room while the other had house time. I wanted to give them a bit to get to know each other. From there, everyone got along just fine. There was no craziness. They all went outside to do their thing, then came in and flopped out on the floor as usual.  Even the nasty little Chihuahua was fine by the 2nd day, as long as they didn't get too close to her. :)


      I love that my dogs do good with other dogs staying here now and again.





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    • July 16, 2012 4:21 PM CDT
    • I love my dogs

      Yes, that is a blessing. My dog is a somewhat underconfident toy, and even she does pretty well around other dogs. If a bigger dog wants to play too rough, she bears her teeth and snaps at them, but she's never actually bitten. She's just communicating, and the other dog usually takes the hint pretty well and backs off. I feel sorry for them when they're puppies because they're desparate to play with her, but at 11 years old she can only handle so much play. But I've noticed she seems to know when another dog is a puppy and is more likely to endulge them than if they're adult age.

    • September 20, 2012 4:34 PM CDT
    • I love my dogs

      I love my rescue boxer.  she was so beaten and starved that we had to trap her after months of tempting with food failed.  SHe is the BEST dog, she loves everyone, and she lays on the floor and puppies run around her barking and posturing and she just lays and rolls her eyes and wags her nub.  She follows me everywhere but she loves anyone, as long as they dont' try to pull her toys out of her mouth, she only wants to show the toys, not have them taken away.  That hurts her feelings.

      Great dogs come in all kinds of dog suits.  Mine just happens to be in a boxer suit.

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