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    • August 31, 2012 3:41 PM CDT
    • Amazing salon for sale - North Carolina

      Busy year round salon with top prices. High end equipment including fiberglass ultra lift tub, 2 ultra lift electric tables, 1 hydraulic ultra lift table and one stationary drying table. Dryers, cabinets, mirrors, shop vac, retail shelving, retail, professional front desk, chairs, crates, shampoos and all storage shelving. Everything is included in sale that you need to start work tomorrow! Owners works PART-TIME HOURS by choice and brings in 75k+ a year. We easily say no to 5-15 new clients each week during just the regular season.  Clients are extremely generous, flexible and friendly. Most of the clients are on 4-5 week or less schedules.  Moving to care for family so I'm pricing this right for a quick sale.


      We are the only shop in the area providing the service we provide so no true competition. People drop off, we groom and call them immediately. Resulting in why we get what we charge and big tips! Pricing at our shop is at the areas mobile pricing without the limits of mobile (pricing is appx double surrounding shops- Yes, almost double!).  We groom mostly small breeds with some big/mediums mixed in. It has taken years to get to this point, we do not offer coupons to get people in.  No aggressive dogs, we do not de-matt, clients are WONDERFUL!!! Shop has top reputation in the area and clients travel from various cities and go shopping in the area while pets are groomed.  We do not do show clips, all of our clients get pet style clips. Just simple teddy bear heads, 5F, 4F or clip combed bodies or breed standard clips.


      Building is rented, great neighbors (one is out all day and the other side is used for storage) so no "noise" issues. A/C unit is in top condition with landlords responsible for the unit. Very energy efficient so utilities are very low. Water is included in rent. The inside of our store is in excellent condition, walls have steel interiors(not just 2 by 4's), high end doors throughout, glass look-out into grooming area.We are located near cupcake shops, target, walmart, grocery stores,malls, furniture stores, resturants etc. You name it and we have it nearby. People have no issue finding things to do while their pet gets groomed.



      Our hours are not *Fixed* pick and choose what days and times you want to work. We groom by appointment only so you will never be stuck with hours you don't want to work. I have chosen to work mostly mornings and some Saturdays. You pick what you want the clients are very flexible. I built this shop slowly so I could cherry pick the clients and pets. I wanted to look forward to working each day and that's what happened.


      We are pricing the shop at $72,000 for a quick sale. With the rent we have you will be paying less money monthly with our rent and a business loan combined than our competitors pay in just rent.  Business have been established and around for several years. We do not owe any money to anyone, our name is clear. Shop has internet and phone access already in place. Number and business name along with 100% of the client list will be given to you. You will even receive several dozen mobile grooming clients if you wanted to expand with that.   Must provide proof of funds, sign a confidentiality agreement to receive financials. We will be more than happy to tell you about our area of Raleigh, North Carolina. It is an extremely safe, affordable, near the ocean/near the mountains and family friendly area with plenty to do. I will assist with your take over, train you with what you need help with. We'll even help you find housing if you are moving to the area. I'll be able to stay for a while for a "healthy move". If you decide to open full time you will very easily be able to hit 100k++ a year with one person.  Email us at if you'd like to get started!

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