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  • Topic: Local Humane Society Fundraiser

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    • September 15, 2012 6:32 PM CDT
    • Local Humane Society Fundraiser

      Hey grooming peeps! I know you will all help me out with this!


      I am doing a fundraiser for my local Humane Society. This rescue is in DESPERATE need! We just recently aquired a "shelter"--of sorts. It is a VERY old county jail. There is lead paint peeling off the walls, drainage problems, fencing problems, pest problems, you name it--it's a problem for us. We used to opperate only on a foster home basis but fosters were very few and far between and some of our fosters were keeping 20+ animals!


      Our resources are very limited, and now that we have a physical shelter the owner surrenders are coming more quickly now. WE NEED MONEY! I help out as much as I can, buying some things out of my own pocket at times and donating them. I also volunteer my time by grooming the dogs that need it and going once a week to feed and clean kennels. 


      Since I am a Scentsy rep, there is one more way I can help them out--by having a fundraiser! Starting today through Saturday September 29th all purchases made through the "Fundraiser for the Humane Society" link on my website will have the commissions donated to the Humane Society.


      If you have ever thought about trying Scentsy, now would be a terrific time because you can also feel good about helping animals in need!


      And with the holidays right around the corner, there are some GREAT items to give as gifts!


      The website for ordering is


      TIA for your help and support! <3

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