Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

By participating, registering and/or visiting The

Groomers Lounge you agree to the following user


1. Play nice; This is a clean, kind, friendly board. It

will be kept that way.

This does not mean no disagreements and no passion. It

just means that others will be addressed with respect

no matter how strongly one disagrees.

2. Please don't post in all-caps. This is very

difficult to read, and on the internet is considered

"shouting", very rude.

3. Nonsponsor commercial (selling ANYthing) websites

are not to be posted here. However, if you have no

affiliation with the company, you may post company

names, snail mail contact info, and telephone numbers.

The Groomers Lounge is made possible through the

support of our valued sponsors. Our sponsors help to

pay for the computer space, software and other costs of

this board, which are substantial. Our current sponsors

can be found on our main page - www.groomers.net or

www.groomerslounge.com .

Out of respect for our sponsors, links to ANY non

sponsor commercial websites are prohibited. If they

sell something, anything, even if it's not grooming

related, please do not post the link.

Advertising of any kind is ONLY allowed by the sponsors

of the Groomers Lounge. If you are not a sponsor and

you sell or repair grooming supplies, equipment, and/or

products please make sure your contact information is

not in your profile.

Please do not put contact information in any message,

in your signature or visible in your profile.

If you are not a sponsor and you sell any kind of

products, please follow the above guidelines.

Would you like to become a sponsor? Please visit
http:www.groomers.net/web_ads.html or email progroom @

sbcglobal.net for more information.

There are exceptions: publications and seminars, which

have their own bulletin board; breed sites with helpful

grooming information, websites of potential employers

in Help Wanted ads, and short-term sharing of grooming

websites, in Website Critiques, for peer critiques.

Anything else commercial will be removed.

Groomers who wish to advertise their business can do so

inexpensively in the Groomers Directory. Your support

of this site will help to build our community, and

bring you some business.

4. Sales posts, other than the salons, vans, and USED

grooming items listed in Groomer Swap & Shop, will not

be permitted, nor any reference to products or services

by posters. If a poster with a business on the side

wishes to reach the large Groomers Lounge marketplace,

there is inexpensive paid advertising available in the

Groomer Sidelines bulletin board.

5. This website does not wish to be so much as

questioned about the Sherman Act, which prohibits

anything that looks like price-fixing. Therefore price

discussions will be limited, and directed toward

discussion of how one sets prices, and how they impact

the industry, rather than direct comparisons.

6. "Grooming/Groomer/Pet-related" topics can vary

widely, but at some point some things are not even

vaguely on topic, and do not belong on the board. There

is more leeway on some things than on others. Religion

and politics are especially not acceptable discussion

items; and even some "dog" topics such as breeding can

flare very unpleasantly, so will be monitored and

quashed if needed.

7. While rescue is very important to many of us, we

cannot manage a rescue board. Occasional postings of

available rescue standard poodles will be permitted,

and notices of mass rescues are welcome. Any other

rescue information should go through your breed rescue,

local shelters, or Petfinder.com.

8. The BBS is not to be used in any manner to promote

pet sales. Information about puppies, kittens, etc., or

pictures of them, must be limited to animals that are

not available for placement, and this must be so stated

in the posting.

9. Anyone found collecting email addresses from this

board and using them to solicit customers will be


10. Copyright material: Copying and posting private

emails, articles on other web pages, or portions of

magazines or books is a violation of the author's

copyright. DO NOT DO IT. No reproduction of any content

from the Groomers Lounge website and/or Bulletin board

is allowed without the express written permission of

the GL and/or the original poster.

You may post links to news articles.

11. Signatures and Profile: Please remember links to

non sponsor websites are not allowed in profiles or

signatures. The exception being a link to your personal

grooming salon. If you also offer sharpening, dental

care products, are a product rep etc, please do not

list the link or your contact information in your

profile or signature.

12. If you are unsure if something can or should be

posted, ASK FIRST. If you start your post with "I don't

know if this is allowed" please don't post it.

Instead, contact Barb at progroom @ sbcglobal.net for


13. Private messaging and chat discussions will also

follow rule number 1. Anyone sending offensive, vulgar,

disrespectful, or rude messages will get one warning.

Should it occur again, the user will be banned.

14. Posting of pornography is strictly forbidden.

15. Learn, teach, share, laugh, weep, and enjoy!